The rise and rise of the male shopper

New research from Barclaycard has found that men are outspending women on clothing and that retailers are responding with ever-growing men’s lines and a better online presence.

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Peacock feathers

To assume that only women are concerned about looking good is to entirely misunderstand evolutionary biology – just look at the peacock. In fact, males of most species (even human) have more to gain by being attractive than females do. However, it’s our culture that dictates how we act on a day-to-day basis, and when it comes to male shopping, there’s been a turn in the tide. This growing appetite can be experienced both in terms of the diversity of male clothes lines, as well as shopping habits recorded via survey research and credit card analysis.

Barclaycard findings

As one of the biggest providers of credit and debit cards in the UK, Barclaycard is in the know when it comes to the shopping habits of Brits. The company has released research findings that prove that men are actually spending more on fashion than women. In fact, men are spending on average £114 each month, averaging out over the year as £300 more than women, who spend £88.60. Another boon for retailers is the fact that male shoppers are far less likely to return items than women.

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Retailer reactions

It’s clear that men are increasingly becoming a more profitable target market for fashion retailers. Today, 26% of retailers are targeting a largely male or all-male group of customers, whilst only 17% of shops are targeting a largely female or all female audience. The range of men’s clothes has also grown, both in store and online, with 25% of retailers increasing their men’s collection simply because they are witnessing men spending more than ever.

Online shopping

Nearly half of all men surveyed claimed that despite the increase in their spending, they still prefer to shop online. Many men prefer shopping online because it’s faster and requires less interaction with other people. Men still want the best though, which is why many choose to buy mens designer clothes from online retailers, such as

This is great news for retailers who are already ahead of the curve and shows that targeting a wider audience, delivering a diverse range and selling online are key lessons for tomorrow’s retail success.…

10 most popular outfit ideas of this festive season. Read On!


India is a land of diversity. Diversity in cultures brings about a lot of variation in the dressing styles in different region of the country. Festivals give us a chance to dress in traditional attire and make heads turn towards us wherever we step into. If you are still wondering what to wear for this Navratri, Diwali, or Onam, here are ten super stylish festive outfit ideas that can make you look fashionable and yet beautiful for the upcoming festival.

Bring a spark to the festive season this year by going out of the normal trend and sporting some of the coolest attire collection from leading online sites like Bewakoof, Amazon, Flipkart, and so more.

Read on to know more about these amazing ideas and explore these dresses online to buy yours.

Ten amazing outfit ideas for the upcoming festive season

1.       Straight Colourful Tees

If you want to have a break from the elaborate ethnic dresses, do try the straight colourful tees. It is the latest trend of this festive season. You can pair these tees with pants, palazzos, or leggings. Straight tees tend to impart a sleek and slender look to your body.

2.       A Sporty Cold-Shoulder T-shirt

If you like to wear simple and elegant dresses, then sport the trendiest cold-shoulder t-shirt with a slight twist can be your choice. This festive season try different patterns of cold-shoulder t-shirts & dresses online. To go with the latest trend, you can wear a lace jacket or one made of brocade along with your cold-shoulder tee.

3.       The Henley T-shirt Dress

A long Henley t-shirt dress is something that will give you a modern look without snatching away the traditionalism of the festive occasion.  A glamorous rich-colored & tailored according to your fit will give you a perfect look for the festivals whether it is the Diwali or Navratri Pooja when paired with the right accessories.

4.       Army Green Sleeveless T-Shirt Dress

If you love wearing long sleeveless traditional attires o festivals, but are bored of wearing the old style ethnic wear over & again, then we have a stylish solution for you. You might have come across designer t-shirt dresses while looking for dresses online. Grab one of those elegantly-colored long t-shirt dresses and pair it with some chic accessories for the festive occasion.

5.       Denim Look

Thought denim looked cool only as casuals? Sport the trendiest denim look in the special denim shirt dress this festive season. The denim trend is back but this time with added class & elegance. Buy unique denim shirt dresses online in its full elegance and dress up like a chic this festive season.

6.       Checked T-Shirt Dress

If you are a no fuss girl then a simple, yet classy checked t-shirt dress will be the best for you. But here also you can experiment with the cut and designs of the t-shirt you choose. It will give you a new and graceful look on any festive occasion.

7.       T-shirt Dress with a difference

Bring out your fashionable and trendiest best this festive season by adorning a designer t-shirt dress available in a multitude of colors. Try the different colors, shapes, and sizes to bring out the fashionable you from inside.

8.       3/4th Sleeve Dress

Ditching the heavily embroidered lehanga cholis this festive season while you are at some festive outing is the latest

How to invest in mutual funds using SIP calculator?

All of us invest a part of our hard-earned money in some or the other saving instruments like the FD, RD, NSC, etc. The most popular among them is the Systematic Investment Plan or SIP.

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a mode of investing money in the mutual funds in a smart and convenient manner. Investors call it a revolution in the field of investment plans. It is one of the most baffling investment plans. Generally, the new investors are quite cautious of using SIPs because of the confusing nature of these investment plans. Many times it is seen that even the experienced players in this field who have the right knowledge of the SIP calculator, struggle hard in getting their strategy right. Such is the nature of the SIPs.

Increasingly, people all over the world are getting attracted towards investing in SIPs as they promise much higher returns even for the small amount of money invested. Another reason for the increasing popularity of the SIPs is the ease in investing in these mutual funds. SIP calculator plays an important role in helping the investors to know the returns.

This post will tell you about the basic principle on which the SIPs work and how you can calculate the installments and the returns using the SIP calculator.

SIP Calculator

If you want to be successful as an investor then you have to disciplined and focussed in managing your finances. It is important to have systematic financial planning along with financial prudence. SIP calculators have an essential role to play in making your investment a success.

What is a SIP calculator?

It is a tool which helps an investor to make an estimation of the returns he/she would receive after investing the targeted amount. Also, if you already have a financial goal in mind then SIP calculator will help you find the amount to be invested at regular intervals in order to achieve your intended targets.

How to use the SIP calculator?

You will be needed to have some data in hand while using the SIP calculator. Experts suggest these 3 simple steps in order to use the SIP calculator successfully and efficiently.

Step 1: When you start using the SIP calculator it will ask you the amount you can invest on a monthly basis. Be aware of the minimum amount that needs to be invested. For mutual funds, it is INR 500 monthly and for some other funds, it may be up to INR 1000 monthly.

Step 2: Now you can calculate the expected rate of return for the invested amount of funds. The SIP calculator estimates the possible returns on the basis of the past performance and track record of the mutual funds.

Step 3: In the next step you have to decide the investment tenure of your funds. Here you can decide the time for which you want to remain invested in the scheme.

Online websites like,,, etc. provide free tools known as SIP calculator. You can use them anytime you want and can see the expected results for different variables.

Another important point to keep in mind while using any SIP calculator is that you should make sure that it takes these two parameters into account – inflation and capital gains tax.

Benefits of using a SIP calculator

  • SIP calculator can save much of your time by giving accurate results and that too within seconds.
  • They simplify the tedious and lengthy calculations.
  • SIP calculator works on a user-friendly interface and uses a few numbers of variables to

Note The Following Before You Buy Clothes For Your Child

    When you buy baby clothes, what do you prioritize first? Color, style that is not the market? Supposedly, when choosing and buying baby clothes, the main thing is the convenience factor. Check before you pay. Pay attention to materials, sizes, designs and ornaments that may endanger the baby.

    Do not buy clothes from synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. Because these ingredients are not easy to absorb sweat. As a result babies sweat excessively. If the pores of the skin are clogged, the sweat will seep into the nearby skin. This condition triggers the emergence of prickly heat. Should select materials made of cotton Because it is easy to absorb sweat. Only in Bela Pequena available a variety of good clothes for your child

    Do not buy too ‘fit’ in the body even if you fall in love with the model. For example, the right clothes model on the neck, armpits, arms, stomach and groin. Because the baby’s skin is still thin, not perfect, there is no layer of fat as thick as adults. Even up to the age of 1 year, the outer layer of skin (epidermis) 20-30 percent thinner than adults. Thus, when rubbed, their skin is easily injured and irritated. In addition, narrow clothes will make the baby difficult to move.

    Do not choose a large buttoned suit on the back, or metal buttons. Because until the age of 3 months the baby can not be prone. He is still in a supine position so that when the buttons are too big, they can hurt his body. Should choose clothes that have buttons in front because it is easy to button, do not hurt the baby and do not need to pass the baby’s head. This is related to the baby’s head is still weak.

    Do not choose a thick and rigid collar that can make the baby’s neck skin itchy. Because such model clothes when worn in the tropical air can cause babies to sweat excessively and trigger prickly heat. However, this type may be worn when the air is cold. It’s all you must to see when you want to buy some clothes for your lovely children.…

Benefits of Live Streaming TV Online

Благодаря огромному технологическому прогрессу в последние годы мы можем теперь наслаждаться многими вещами, которые были немыслимы в недавнем прошлом, например, слушать музыку на нашем мобильном телефоне и смотреть телевизор онлайн. С онлайн-трансляцией в реальном времени развлекательные возможности значительно возросли. Кроме того, он будет доступен любому человеку в мире независимо от того, где он находится, и независимо от того, в какое время он находится. Просто рассмотрите многие преимущества, которые приходят с этой возможностью. Это, безусловно, трудно противостоять попыткам!

Это в основном бесплатно

Обычно вам не нужно платить ни копейки, чтобы получить доступ к живым потокам в Большинство услуг полностью бесплатны. Вам не нужно беспокоиться о подписках и о огромных счетах, которые появляются каждый месяц. Приятно знать, что вы можете использовать услугу, которая бесплатна, учитывая, что многие развлекательные возможности становятся все более и более дорогостоящими.

Это просто и легко сделать

Вам не обязательно быть гением компьютера со степенью в Гарварде, чтобы наслаждаться преимуществами прямого трансляции в прямом эфире онлайн, просто попробуйте russkoe tv online. Даже люди, которые впервые используют компьютер и Интернет, смогут получать доступ к контенту, настраивать настройки и наслаждаться опытом. Это так просто и удобно.

Вам просто нужно перейти на страницу, которая обеспечивает доступ к онлайн-трансляции в прямом эфире. Затем вам нужно выбрать из списка доступных каналов. Как правило, список довольно длинный, поэтому доступны инструменты поиска. Вы сможете искать телеканалы по странам, языку и типу (новости, спорт и т. Д.). Когда вы найдете нужный канал, вам просто нужно щелкнуть по нему, и контент начнет воспроизводиться. Это похоже на использование обычной интернет-страницы для воспроизведения видео на одной из платформ для обмена видео.

Вы можете отрегулировать изображение и звук в соответствии с вашими предпочтениями при прослушивании прямой трансляции в прямом эфире. Вы можете перейти в полноэкранный режим, чтобы у вас возникло ощущение, что вы смотрите контент на своем реальном телевизоре. Вы можете регулировать громкость звука, просто нажав на кнопку.

Вы можете смотреть ТВ в любое время в любом месте

Это, пожалуй, главное преимущество прямой трансляции в прямом эфире. Вам не обязательно быть в вашей гостиной, когда начнется ваше любимое шоу или спортивная игра года. Независимо от того, путешествуете ли вы в поезде, ожидаете встречи или на пикнике в парке, вы можете легко использовать свой ноутбук, планшет или смартфон, чтобы следить за действиями в прямом эфире. Удивительно, как новая технология устраняет ограничения времени и пространства.

Гибкость, которую вы получаете, потрясающая. Вам не нужно беспокоиться о внесении изменений в свое расписание, когда вы хотите поймать любимое телешоу. У вас всегда будет чистое развлечение. Вы сможете следить за последними новостями и проверять прогноз погоды независимо от того, где вы находитесь.

Преимущества прямой трансляции в прямом эфире очень ценятся, когда вы находитесь вдали от дома, вам нужно попробовать Online TV Russia для вашего опыта. Вы не будете зацикливаться на местных каналах, которые находятся на другом языке, когда вы отправляетесь в отпуск. Вам не придется пропустить эпизоды вашей любимой мыльной оперы или крупного спортивного события года только потому, что вы решили провести неделю в экзотическом месте. Эта услуга очень полезна для профессионалов в деловых поездках. Крайне важно иметь возможность следить за последними новостями из дома и погодой. Иностранцы ищут возможность смотреть телевизор онлайн, как они получают удовольствие от шоу, фильмов, музыки и спорта на своем родном языке.

Вы получаете доступ ко многим, многим каналам!

Это еще одна из превосходных преимуществ трансляции в прямом эфире. Вы получите прямой доступ к многочисленным местным, национальным и международным новостным каналам. Вы сможете быть в курсе всего, что происходит во всем мире и в вашей стране. Быть хорошо информированным во все времена является обязательным для современного человека. Вы сможете следить за полным прогнозом погоды для многих городов по всему

Making Custom Quote Request from Zipper Shipper

Zipper shipper makes high-quality zippers, blazer buttons and also deals with all other sewing supplies. It is a good idea to consider their products as they are the leading dealers in sewing supplies in the US.

Before you make a quote of the things you require from zipper shipper, below are a few considerations to make. You may order zippers depending on the quantity you want, zipper teeth and the gauge of the zippers. Well, you are requested to also place orders for zipper pulls separately. There are two options to choose from, the auto lock zipper sliders especially if you are placing orders for garments and non-lock zipper sliders for bags, tents or greenhouses.

After you have identified the items you require form zipper shipper, you are supposed to fill a quote request form and they respond within three days with the exact price quote. This is for clients requesting for at least hundred items. But for smaller times, you just check in stock merchandise and place orders for what you require.

Well, for blazer buttons, you also get to choose from three main option finish

  • Shiny polished gold
  • Shiny polished silver
  • Satin brushed gold

Better still you get the option of choosing the lettering style you prefer and the configuration. They have engraved buttons that make the blazer or jacket have an exceptional look. Reviews at blazer buttons @ will give you some ideas on what blazer buttons are best for your garment.…