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The Perks of Using the Whizzinator The Whizzinator is a synthetic penile device that’s around the waist. The device can store urine. In case you wish to fake urinating with the Whizzinator on, squeezing the device will allow the stored urine to discharge. Here, we take a look at the features that make the Whizzinator useful, and how you may benefit from using it. Simplicity The simple design of the Whizzinator allows for convenient wearing around the waist. It is very comfortable to wear any time you need it.
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The tool is designed to look like a natural body part , so it’s not conspicuous at all. You want it to look natural if you don’t need anybody finding out what you’re up to. The good thing with this tool is that you’re given numerous colors to choose from to go with your skin tone. Brown, black, tan, white, and Latino are the key complexion choices you may pick. Picking the appropriate color removes peculiarity, making it possible for you to calmly use it. If deploying it before several persons, they’ll not know your intentions without looking it at unusually closely. And when you consider it, do people, whether pals or strangers, usually inspect your private parts for “authenticity” when you’re deploying it for urination in a shared lavatory? Thus, you only need to hold your head high and calmly utilize your Whizzinator without being bothered by the possibility of anyone paying unwanted attention. The New Valve System For confident application, the best Whizzinator not only has to appear natural, but it’s urine release mechanism must be straightforward. A device with the valve system that’s requires only squeezing to release urine is very suitable for this purpose. You may use the mechanism without fear as it is both noise-free and covert. Synthetic Urine Now add artificial urine to your Whizzinator, after which the device is good for deployment as though it’s a true human body part. The urine is like natural pee in appearance, and as such, people won’t easily find it out. Usually, such urine is produced in expert labs. Also, the synthetic urine is okay for utilization, and it does not introduce the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted illness to a user of the Whizzinator. Due to the availability of numerous fake urine products, you can buy any option you like. Different Ways to Use it Different people buy and use the Whizzinator for different reasons. You could do it for a urine test or just fun. This is also a great prank tool if you’re up to it. For sure, the Whizzinator is the perfect toy when you’re after a product akin to a real human body part to help replicate the natural act of urinating.