How to Create More Outfit Choices with Fewer Clothes (Ladies Fashion)

Do you often find yourself in trouble figuring out what to wear today? You stand in front of a wardrobe that is overly filled with clothes and still you can’t get yourself to decide what to wear? In that time the only thought that comes in mind is that I need to go to shopping to inject a little variety into this boring wardrobe.

What if I tell you that shopping is not the right approach? You don’t need more clothing to develop more variety. Instead if you choose your clothes wisely only few clothes will enable you to create more variety.

You can make your life a lot easier by employing some basic fashion tips in your life that will not only enable you to create variety but also look stylish.

This article will be discussing some of the basics tips of how to create more outfit options with fewer clothes.

Start with the basics

If you get your basics right you will never ever find yourself in a situation where you are unable to select what to wear. If you want to buildup a strong foundation for your wardrobe start with collecting the basic items like work tops, casual tops, sweaters and blazers, jeans and one two items that can be accessorized from top to bottom.

Majority of the fancy dress outfits that are a major eye catcher in a shopping mall and you can’t help but buy that item are in fact the dresses that you don’t wear often. Wearing a dress in the same combination again and again make you lose your interest towards it. The item that once looked so sassy and stylish in a shopping mall is now nothing but a piece of clothing that is occupying unnecessary space in your wardrobe.

Invest in buying versatile clothes

The importance of buying versatile clothes is that you can always have fun in mixing and matching them. As versatile pieces can pair up with maximum of the outfits. So you will never run short of options that will give you a new look every time. Buy colors that compliment your skin and make combinations that compliment your personality.

More clothes don’t bring more variety

Get over this flawed assumption that more clothes mean more variety. If you buy an item that is not versatile and can’t pair up with clothes that you already have, you will end up buying matching pieces with that item. Doing so you will no doubt add an awesome piece to your wardrobe but are you adding variety? NO! You are just wasting your time and money in buying clothes that won’t be worn too often because of the fact that it can’t be paired up with other clothes you possess.

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The benefit of having a well-rounded wardrobe is that it can address to your needs more efficiently than a wardrobe that is overly filled. How great will you feel when you know that each new item that you buy can be paired up with clothes that you already have!