Learn About Surviving Major Repairs and Renovations: Preparing Yourself and Your Home for Big Projects

Major renovations in a home are sometimes necessary when the home has been significantly damaged due to an accident or natural disaster. In other cases, it’s done to dramatically improve the appearance and value of the home. No matter why a major renovation is being done, proper planning is going to be vital.

Clear Out as Much as Possible

The room or rooms that need to be renovated should be completely empty so nothing gets in the way or is damaged during the renovation. However, don’t just pack everything into another room in the home, as this can be unorganized and make it more difficult to find anything. Instead, rent a storage unit and clear out as much as possible from the room, other than what’s vital for the home, to get it out of the way during the renovation.

Label Boxes Carefully to Make Finding them Easier

Before packing anything in the storage unit, make sure there are sufficient boxes to hold everything securely. Some of the items being packed away might be needed if the renovation takes longer than expected, so make sure every box is clearly labeled. Proper labeling will mean it’s easy and fast to find just about anything even in a smaller storage unit.

Keep a Way to Navigate Storage Area

When the boxes are placed in the storage area, they should be placed around the outside edge. Be sure to put heavier boxes below lighter ones and keep boxes with fragile items near the top. Additionally, ensure the center of the storage unit is clear to make it easier to walk into the storage unit and find the boxes that are needed.

If the boxes are stacked properly and the labels face where the person will be standing when they’re looking for a box, they can find the box and quickly and take out just what they need. When they’re done with the renovation, it will be easy to bring everything back to the home and unpack it.

Taking the time to properly prepare for a major renovation makes it easier for everyone to get through. If you’re planning a major renovation of your home, make sure you read more about Surviving Major Repairs and Renovations: Preparing Yourself and Your Home for Big Projects now.