Making Custom Quote Request from Zipper Shipper

Zipper shipper makes high-quality zippers, blazer buttons and also deals with all other sewing supplies. It is a good idea to consider their products as they are the leading dealers in sewing supplies in the US.

Before you make a quote of the things you require from zipper shipper, below are a few considerations to make. You may order zippers depending on the quantity you want, zipper teeth and the gauge of the zippers. Well, you are requested to also place orders for zipper pulls separately. There are two options to choose from, the auto lock zipper sliders especially if you are placing orders for garments and non-lock zipper sliders for bags, tents or greenhouses.

After you have identified the items you require form zipper shipper, you are supposed to fill a quote request form and they respond within three days with the exact price quote. This is for clients requesting for at least hundred items. But for smaller times, you just check in stock merchandise and place orders for what you require.

Well, for blazer buttons, you also get to choose from three main option finish

  • Shiny polished gold
  • Shiny polished silver
  • Satin brushed gold

Better still you get the option of choosing the lettering style you prefer and the configuration. They have engraved buttons that make the blazer or jacket have an exceptional look. Reviews at blazer buttons @ will give you some ideas on what blazer buttons are best for your garment.