Note The Following Before You Buy Clothes For Your Child

    When you buy baby clothes, what do you prioritize first? Color, style that is not the market? Supposedly, when choosing and buying baby clothes, the main thing is the convenience factor. Check before you pay. Pay attention to materials, sizes, designs and ornaments that may endanger the baby.

    Do not buy clothes from synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. Because these ingredients are not easy to absorb sweat. As a result babies sweat excessively. If the pores of the skin are clogged, the sweat will seep into the nearby skin. This condition triggers the emergence of prickly heat. Should select materials made of cotton Because it is easy to absorb sweat. Only in Bela Pequena available a variety of good clothes for your child

    Do not buy too ‘fit’ in the body even if you fall in love with the model. For example, the right clothes model on the neck, armpits, arms, stomach and groin. Because the baby’s skin is still thin, not perfect, there is no layer of fat as thick as adults. Even up to the age of 1 year, the outer layer of skin (epidermis) 20-30 percent thinner than adults. Thus, when rubbed, their skin is easily injured and irritated. In addition, narrow clothes will make the baby difficult to move.

    Do not choose a large buttoned suit on the back, or metal buttons. Because until the age of 3 months the baby can not be prone. He is still in a supine position so that when the buttons are too big, they can hurt his body. Should choose clothes that have buttons in front because it is easy to button, do not hurt the baby and do not need to pass the baby’s head. This is related to the baby’s head is still weak.

    Do not choose a thick and rigid collar that can make the baby’s neck skin itchy. Because such model clothes when worn in the tropical air can cause babies to sweat excessively and trigger prickly heat. However, this type may be worn when the air is cold. It’s all you must to see when you want to buy some clothes for your lovely children.