What Performance Appeal is Important to a Workout? 

Back in the “day” t-shirts and shorts were the best way to workout in hot or cold weather. However, sweating often caused a person to spend more time wiping sweat away than exercising. Today, performance appeal such as shirts has changed the way people work out in hot weather.

What is Performance Appeal?

Performance appeal companies have introduced garments that can improve workout performance by keeping a person comfortable. Performance appeal ranges from shirts, long sleeve performance tee, jackets, socks, tights and pants that can regulate body temperature because of wicking technology. The performance clothing can be made from a variety of material such as modern polyester blends. However, the fabric has the wicking technology incorporated in it.

What is Wicking Technology in Clothing?

Wicking, also called moisture wicking, works like a wick in a candle. The candle wick absorbs the wax by drawing it back to the flame. Thus, the wax doesn’t go everywhere and ruin a table or mantle. The fabric wicking technology allows fabric to pull moisture away from the body. The sweat isn’t trapped in the clothing. Instead, it is pulled to the outside of the fabric. This allows the sweat to disappear easier than wiping it away. It’s important to note that some fabrics are chemically treated to retain the moisture in it. This means the moisture is pulled away from the body, but the extra step doesn’t occur.

Compression Clothing and Performance Clothing Aren’t the Same

Performance clothing with moisture wicking technology isn’t the same as compression clothing. Compression clothing such as Spandex is worn for comfort while exercising. The clothing allows a person to easily stretch and bend. Designers have included a special knitting process to allow compression sleeves on a shirt to improve circulation during and after a physical activity. It is supposed to decrease soreness in muscles. However, compression technology doesn’t remove the moisture away from the body.

Types of Moisture Wicking Fabrics

When picking performance clothing, a person has the option of different fabrics. For instance, bamboo performance clothing is made with bamboo pulp that has a natural fabric which is moisture-wicking, light and breathable. Nylon is another fabric option. It is synthetic fabric that dries quickly, feels silky and is mildew resistant. The fabric also pulls sweat away from skin and is breathable.

Polypropylene is like polyester because it is made from plastic. However, this synthetic material is water-resistant. This means polypropylene is a great base layer clothing because of the wicking technology. It pulls the moisture to the surface, so it can disappear from the body and clothing.

Performance Appeal is a Great Option to Wear Everyday

Although performance appeal is perfect for working out in hot weather, they are also ideal to wear in hot weather. Many people who wear performance shirts aren’t working out but running errands or trying to avoid feeling sweaty in hot weather. It doesn’t regulate body temperature. However, it does keep sweat from soaking their clothes.